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what is cannabis?

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what is cannabis?

what is cannabis?

Cannabis is a drug that comes from Indian hemp plants such as Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. The active chemical in cannabis is THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol).

Cannabis is a depressant drug. Depressants do not necessarily make the person feel depressed. Rather, they affect the central nervous system by slowing down the messages going between the brain and the body

.Cannabis comes from the plant cannabis sativa. It is commonly referred to as marijuana, mull, weed, dope, grass, ganja, skunk aand pot and gained popularity in Australia during the 1960s and 1970s as part of the hippie era.

Cannabis is usually smoked as a „joint“ or through a „bong“.

When young people are depressed they may feel hopeless or overwhelmed by despair. Some may feel that using cannabis will help them through tough times. But it is only likely to make things worse. Regular use of cannabis may produce a number of short-term effects including paranoia, confusion and increased anxiety. There aare some young people for whom cannabis use is more serious. Young people with a psychotic illness such as schizophrenia are believed to be more likely to experience a psychosis. A psychosis is a condition where the person loses contact wwith reality and may hear voices or see things that are not there, believe things that are not true, and have jumbled thoughts and strange behaviour.

posible effects

Use of cannabis products may cause the following:

Euphoria followed by relaxation

Changes in appetite

Loss of coordination

More vivid sense of taste, sight, smell, and hearing

Panic reactions

Impaired short-term memory, shortened attention span, and delayed reflexes

Birth defects, if used during pregnancy

Fast heart rate and pulse

Breathing problems

Relaxed inhibitions

Disoriented behavior

Bloodshot eyes

Dry mouth

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so 88.20%peple wanna cannabis be legalized….<<129words>>

If anyone of us is asked about what sort of life he wants to live, he will immediately ssay: a happy life without problems. This is why people do their best to avoid trouble in their daily lives. Sometimes problems and reasons behind them are so great that sufferers find it too hard to bear. So they try to find the easiest way to escape from their plight. They lose control and think drugs are the only way to forget everything<<81>>

Children start on “soft” drugs such as hashish or marijuana, moving on to speed and ecstasy, and finally tto “hard” drugs such as heroin. Some people say that there is no drug problem in my hometown, as it is too small for this. But if you look around more carefully, you will see that this problem is everywhere. I think that drugs have spread all over the world. Almost every teenager has used some kind of drugs, but there are many youngsters who take dozes of drugs every day or even more often. As a rule, if there are buyers, there are sellers as well. All you need is money. There were some programs to fight drug abuse in my town. To be more specific, there were some competitions and lectures against drugs. All students took part in these lectures. The drug problem in Lithuania in general is much bigger than in my native town. In biggest cities problem is huge. There are many homeless young people who live with drugs. How we could help them?<<200>> The first thing we have to do is to learn to listen. One ray of hope is the dedicated work performed by social workers, who should spend their time offering children and young people a new perspective. Social workers could visit the pplaces where young people are likely to be hanging out every day to try to make contact and gain their confidence. People all over the world close their eyes to the fate of these youngsters only too often, or discriminate against them because they have no jobs, use drugs. And if we are honest, which one of us has ever seriously questioned the stories behind these young people’s existence? To sum it up, I think its better not even to try drugs, because you can become a drug addict. Drugs really change people. They lose interest in everything, they have no friends, they only care about the next doze. Do you want ...

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