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One dark night I dreamt this wonderful dream:

Venice, with its many ancient building looks beautiful on such a clear summer’s day. The sun shines brightly over the calm waters. Pauline and I reached the Grand Canal where a gondola waited for as. “I thought I’d surprise you with a boat ride”, said Pauline.

While we traveled along a few times so that I could admire the wonderful churches and monuments. Us guide helpfully told us the name of each place. As oother boats passed us, their cheerful passengers waved and smiled at the happy couple. Laughter, music and the delicious smell of Italian cooking fill the air.

Then we approached Rialto Bridge, we suddenly heard a loud roar. A motorboat speeds towards us! As it rushed past, a huge wave splashed. Pauline and I drabbled with dirty canal water. The guide fell backwards and shouted angrily the people in the motorboat.

“Oh dear”, laughed Pauline. “Perhaps a gondola ride wasn’t such aa peaceful and romantic idea after all!”

That is too bad, that it was just dream.

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