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dear jim

how are you? i`m fine. thanks for your letter. it was really nice to hear from you.

i know that you you will traveling by cruiz, so tell me about your travel. firstly what i want to ask you, what are the travel price? i think this your travel will cost a lot of money. so what does it included? are there any extras?

i know you must be a little irritated by my questions but i am really interested <:) so where are you staying? what king are your room? single or double?

and what about food? what kind of food are there? are meals included in the price? i think it should be:)

ok, i wont hold you for long, several questions more and i will conclude this short survey:)

are there weight limit by baggage? i think it should because you will take a whole cupboard otherwise. well, as we have started to talk about clothes, so can you teell me which clothes are ...

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