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Travel agency AirGuru
About the agency
• AirGuru is an online travel agency that will help you take the first step towards travel. They are there to meet your leisure or business travel needs. AirGuru's travel booking system is balanced in such a way that the journey starts as soon as you choose your route in an online travel agency. is an online travel agency that saves your time and money. Start your journey with a few clicks.
AirGuru also organizes:
Team vacations (work+holiday) are a great way to strengthen the team, inspire them with motivation and increase productivity. Are you planning such a trip for your company? We are ready to help!
Looking for a reliable business travel partner? Our business travel experts are ready to help you with all matters related to business travel - booking plane tickets, hotels, transfers, ferries, restaurants, etc.
Why AirGuru?
• Licensed tour operator
• 14-day money back guarantee in case of trip cancellation
• Great reviews from travelers since 2013.
• EUR 250,000 tour operator insurance
• Safe payment online and in the office by cash or card
• Best price guarantee
Trips are divided according to:
• Type
• Duration
• The date
• Hotel
• Number of people
TOP travel destinations
• Bulgaria
• Cyprus
• Egypt
• France
• Greece
• Italy
• Malta
• Turkey
• Spain
Types of trips<...

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