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tourism administration


– Good morning. Information office.

– Good morning. My name is David Green. I and my wife would like to visit your country and your city Siauliai. We would like to learn about your city in more detail.

– What do you want to know?

– What is the weather like in spring in Lithuania?

– It is usually mild, but sometimes we have snow and frost even in April.

– Is it very hot here in summer?

– Sometimes it is, but not very often.

– Do you have many good days in aautumn?

– Yes, as a rule. September is often a beautiful month.

– What sort of weather do you have in winter? It is not very cold here in winter, is it?

– No, sometimes it rains here, sometimes it snows. When will you come?

– We will come this week.

– Well, you can expect the best weather in Lithuania.

– We want a hotel not far from the centre. What facilities we can expect? Give the address of the hotel, please.

– Certainly, yes, I can send you a list of all tthe hotels. My I have your address and telephone number?

– Yes, address is 136 Katherine road, East Ham, London and telephone number is 004422885599. How can we get to the Siauliai from Vilnius airport?

– You can get here by car or by ttrain.

– How long does the trip to Siauliai take by car?

– Two-three hours. The nearest airport is to Kaunas.

– Thank you very much. Let me see, yes, it is 4th July. Goodbye.

– Goodbye. Have a pleasant trip!

Dear Visitor

Welcome to Siauliai!

We hope that you will enjoy your stay here, and we would like to suggest some simple precautions you should take to make sure that your stay is safe and pleasant.

1. Don’t keep a lot of cash with you. It’s better to pay with a card.

2. Don’t get into contact with a stranger. Don’t invite to your room ( appartment, hotel, motel ). Try not to get into conflict with strangers in any public places (cafes, restaurants, bars ).

3. Don’t leave valuables, money, documents in your hotel ((motel) room. Lock them in the safe –deposit room.

4. Don’t leave your car in streets, yards or any other unsafe places, it’s better to keep it in a protected parking.


About us

Already for a century Palanga has been the famous health-resort for many people. Still now with the last sounds of night serenades at Tiškevičiaus palace, from extremely noisy city with its night life ready to challenge the European capitals, Palanga turns to a quite place to live. Rights iin the heart of this town, on the bank of river, there is a newly hotel named by that river which provides comfort, excellent service, quite and pithy leisure time. The hotel is situated in the place where at quite nights the murmur of the Baltic sea can be heard.

Hotel „RASA“, located in the very center of Palanga, in the quite backstreet though, offers its guests purposeful rest, sincere customer service, perfect conditions to organize conferences, banquets, and picnics.


You are welcome to use 47 modernly appointed rooms in the hotel “Rasa”. Here you have an opportunity to eat out in a cozy restaurant, organize seminars and training at the conference hall or meeting room, to relax at the complex of bathhouses, gym, and solarium.


There are 47 perfectly furnished, comfortable rooms (including 28 doubles, 14 luxury doubles and 5 apartments).

Showers or bathrooms, satellite television and telephones in each room. There are a variety of drinks in the mini bars.

Some rooms have kitchen facilities for those who prefer to cook for themselves.

Conference hall

60-seats conference hall transformable in accordance with client’s request:

• Tables are set as ...

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