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Thomas Jefferson

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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson one of the American President of the past was

born in Virginia in 1743. When he was 14 years old, his father

died and the young boy was left to choose for himself what to do.

Jefferson studied literature and languages. He also studied to be

a lawyer, and later he wrote many of the Virginia laws. One of

the laws for which he worked very much was a law to allow many

child to go to school free. Schools in America were only ffor the

children whose parents were rich. When Jefferson was still a

young man he was one of those who wanted freedom from England.

His most outstanding archivment was as chief author of the

Declaration of Independence, a statement of human rights and

liberties. It was read to the happy people on the 4th of July,

1776. Jefferson also drew up the constitution for his state,

Virginia, and served as its governor. He was sent to France as

the foreign minister of the United States of America and

afterwards wwas President_s Washington secretary of state. A few

years later he became the country_s third president, serving in

this position for 2 terms. The author of the Declaration of


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