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The Sky

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The Sky

The Sky

When you look at the sky on a bright day you can see the Sun.You know

that the sun is a great ball of hot gases.You kno that the Earth is a ball

too.One side of the Earth turns all the time and day changes to night and

night changes to day.

When you look at the sky at night,you can see the Moon.You know that

the Moon is a big ball which travels round the Earth.We can see only side

iof tthe Moon which is turned to the Sun. If we look at the Moon through a

telescope,we can see mountains on it. But there are no plants or animals

there because there is on air or water on Moon.

By sending rockets and automatic stations to Moon,scientistic have

got very important information about the Moon.

The Earth is a planet which moves round the Sun and gets light from

it.There are eight other planets which move round the Sun and get their

light from it.Earth pplanet moves in its orbit.

Mercury, the smallest planet, is nearest to the Sun and you cannot

see it well.Venus is the brightest planet in the sky.The planet Mars is


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