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Suicides in the modern world

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Suicides in the modern world


The Object of the report is: Suicides in the modern world.

The Aim is to make a review on scientific literature.

The Problem of the report is: The main causes of suicide; people’s condition who usually make it.

Research methods used: I used closed questions because they allow respondents to answer the question very quickly, not using much time. In reason that findings would be more reliable I choose random sample. The majority of my respondents were students. There were 25 rrespondents, 68% of them were females and 32% males. The average of their age was 20. The official documents were used to compare my findings and the official statistics.

The Report deals with:

• Introduction.

• Suicide- common problem in the whole world.

• Thinking about suicide is commonplace.

• The rate of suicide among youth.

• Youth and suicide in the United States.

• Findings/ results.

• Conclusion.

• Additional material

Introduction. The number of suicides is growing every year, like new technologies becoming no longer new. As the suicides number is growing, the government nneeds to create some new programs to prevent them. Although, the government spends much money for prevention of suicides every year, people cannot notice the influence which was made. If we want to stop self- murderers frustrate not just their oown life, but also their family’s and friends, both the society and the government have to find the way how to prevent the modern world’s people destroy the humanity.

Suicides in the modern world

Suicide is becoming more common in the whole world. Suicide is an act, when person leaves this world by his/her own will. Although suicide is not the major fact of mortality but many people leave life in this way. Human does not like to talk about self- murders and opinion of them is negative, that is why it is very difficult to base on statistics. The world organization of health define suicide as action, which is deliberate invent with free-will and made by person’s own initiative, which ends wwith death. Lithuania is in one of the first places by suicides. It is very urgent problem over there. People from different social groups make a suicide every day. The modern world not just brings new good things, like medicines to recover from some diseases but it brings new requirements for people as well. People feel squeezed up in the “corner”, they feel depressed. It is not hard to see why serious depression and suicide are connected. Serious depression (with bboth major depression and bipolar illness) involves a long-lasting sad mood that doesn’t let up, and a loss of pleasure in things you once enjoyed. It also involves thoughts about death, negative thoughts about oneself, and a sense of worthlessness, a sense of hopelessness that things could get better, low energy and noticeable changes in appetite or sleep. Serious depression can cause suicide.

Thinking about suicide is commonplace. In his book Suicide, published in 1988, Earl A. Grollman says „Almost everybody at one time or another contemplates suicide“ (Second Edition, Beacon Press, p. 2). In his book Suicide: The Forever Decision, published in 1987, psychologist Paul G. Quinnett, Ph.D., says „Research has shown that a substantial majority of people have considered suicide at one time in their lives, and I mean considered it seriously“ (Continuum, p. 12). Nevertheless, thinking about suicide is generally speaking frowned upon and by itself is enough to result in involuntary „hospitalization“ and so-called treatment in a psychiatric „hospital“, particularly if the person in question thinks about suicide seriously and refuses (so-called) outpatient psychotherapy to get this thinking changed. The fact that people are incarcerated in America for thinking and talking about suicide implies that despite what tthe U.S. Constitution says about free speech, and despite claims Americans often make about America being a free country, many if not most Americans do not really believe in freedom of thought and speech – in addition to rejecting an individual’s right to commit suicide.

The overall rate of suicide among youth has declined slowly since 1992. However, rates remain unacceptably high. Adolescents and young adults often experience stress, confusion, and depression from situations occurring in their families, schools, and communities. Such feelings can overwhelm young people and lead them to consider suicide as a “solution.” Few schools and communities have suicide prevention plans that include screening, referral, and crisis intervention programs for youth. Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people ages 15 to 24. In 2001, 3,971 suicides were reported in this group. Of the total number of suicides among ages 15 to 24 in 2001, 86% were male and 14% were female. American Indian and Alaskan Natives have the highest rate of suicide in the 15 to 24 age group.

In the United States, more than four times as many male youth die by suicide, but girls attempt suicide more often and report higher rates of ddepression. The gender difference in suicide completion is most likely due to the differences in suicide methods. Men are more likely to use firearms, which lead to a fatal outcome 78% to 90% of the time. Girls and women in all countries are more likely than males to ingest poisons. In countries where poisons are highly lethal and/or where treatment resources are scarce, more females complete suicide than males. Suicide is extremely rare in young children, and the suicide rate among 10-to-14 year olds, while increasing rapidly, is still much lower than the rate for older teens. Younger children may be less likely to complete suicide because they do not have the cognitive ability to plan and carry out a suicide attempt, but research also suggests that the increase in suicide rates with age may be due to the increased likelihood of exposure to critical risk factors, such as serious depression and drugs and alcohol, with age. Studies have found that for younger children exposed to such risk factors, the suicide rate ...

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