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sony company

Sony’s History – Through The Eyes of the Company’s Leaders

Sony of Canada. Evolved from General Distributors (Gendis) founded in 1954. In collaboration with the founders of Sony Corporation, Akio Morita and Masaru Ibuka, Albert Cohen and his four brothers negotiated early distribution of Sony’s first transistor radio, TR55 in 1955. As early pioneers of electronics distribution, the Cohens also negotiated for Eaton’s company to be the first company to retail Sony products outside of Japan. Known originally as Gendis Sony, SSony of Canada (officially founded in 1968) has evolved into a dominate supplier and distributor of quality electronics goods in Canada.

Originally headquartered in Winnipeg, Sony of Canada launched a variety of Iconic products including the Walkman portable music player, Trinitron Television and Handycam Camcorders for consumer use. In addition to our prowess with consumer products, Sony of Canada has also pioneered and powered the growth of Broadcast media. Using the most powerful technology of its time, Sony’s Betacam technology transformed tthe world of Electronic News Gathering. Key broadcast successes included the implementation of Sony’s digital routing system as the heart of the CBC Toronto Broadcasting Centre and the use of the Digital Betacam SX as the primary tool to record aand broadcast the 1996 Olympics.

Beginning as a way of introducing ground-breaking electronics to Canadians, Sony of Canada has grown to a cornerstone of the Canadian home and broadcast medium landscape. With the emergence of the world of High Definition, Sony has introduced a variety of key products including with BRAVIA LCD TV, SXRD, Cybershot Digital Camera and the stunning quality of the VAIO IT products.

In the continued effort to expand the power of the Sony Brand and the use of our technology, Sony of Canada, and Sony Corporation, has leveraged and paired incredible hardware technology with equally outstanding content. With high level product supplied by sister organizations such as Sony Pictures, Sony BMG and Playstation 3, SSony of Canada offers the Canadians the full power of High Definition content and entertainment.

Throughout its history, Sony has demonstrated an ability to capture the imagination and enhance people’s lives. The company has been at the cutting edge of technology for more than 50 years, positively impacting the way we live. Sony innovations have become part of mainstream culture. Today, Sony continues to fuel industry growth with the sales of innovative Sony products and High Definition content, keeping in lline with the company’s convergence strategy including a variety consumer high definition personal recording devices, editing tools as well as our leadership in the world of Full HD display.

All products

●Televisions and projectors

●VAIO and computing

●Digital camera and photo printers


●LocationFree player and base station

●DVD and Blu-ray Disc™

●Home audio and cinema

●MP3 players and portable audio

●In car and navigation

●Accessories and headphones

●Recording media and batteries

●Sony Ericsson

●Sony PlayStation


• Gretchen Wilson

• Van Zant

• Miranda Lambert

• Brooks & Dunn

• Carrie Underwood

• Alan Jackson

• Brad Paisley

• Phil Vassar

• Kenny Chesney

• Blaine Larsen

• Lonestar

• Jamey Johnson

• Martina McBride

• Sara Evans

• Jeff Bates

• Rodney Crowell

• Patty Loveless

• Jace Everett

• Montgomery Gentry

• Trent Willmon

• Ashley Monroe

The Sony Business Solutions & Systems Company (BSSC) is dedicated to providing customers with the most advanced audio and video equipment and systems for the broadcast, production, business, industrial, government, medical and education markets.

Sony BSSC also provides specialized equipment and systems for data recording, duplication, ...

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