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Socionical approach in studding of nations

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Socionical approach in studding of nations

Socionical approach in studding of nations

Ethnosocionics consider nations as psychoinformatoin systems (integral persons), of which the Jung’s persons’ typology is true.

It is not new idea to consider ethnos as integral person (collective subject). This idea was advanced and was substantiated in the works of Wilhelm von Humboldt, Nikolay Berdyayev, Nykolay Lossky, etc. In particular Carl Jung wrote that “people’s psyche is only more compound structure than person’s psyche”. It is logically to consider this integral person to be reasonable, ii. e. this integral person has consciousness, memory, action logic, emotions. Ethnosocionics considers ethnos as psychoinformation system, of which the persons’ typology is also true. In each ethnos there are persons of different psychological types. In spite of this the ethnos is the macroorganism of the certain psychological type. Just this often to be named as “national character”. So this science studies ethnoses’ psychological types, features of their behaviour, mutual relations with other nations, etc.

Ethnosocionics is one of the ddirections of socionics, a young science, which was born on the boundary between psychology, sociology and information science. Socionics is based on the Jung’s typology and Augustinavichjute’s Intertypes’ Relations Theory. It is considering persons as bearers of the certain types oof information metabolism, which are developing and interacting on the base of objective laws.

Each person is being examined over 4 main pairs of signs (coordinates): logical ѕ ethical (emotional), sensorical ѕ intuitional, rational ѕ irrational, extravert ѕ introvert. While studding the concrete person one can determine the mentality type, this person inclined to: logical or emotional, concrete or abstract etc. Having determined each of 4 pairs of signs one determines the one of 16 sociotypes the person under determination belongs to.

Let us remind their names:

– Intuitive-logical extravert (ILE, ENTP*)

– Sensoro- ethical introvert (SEI, ISFP)

– Ethico- sensorical extravert (ESE, ESFJ)

– Logico- intuitive introvert (LII, INTJ)

– Ethico- intuitive extravert (EIE, ENFJ)

– Logico- sensorical introvert (LSI, ISTJ)

– Sensoro- logical extravert (SLE, ESTP)

– Intuitive- ethical introvert (IEI, INFP)

– Logico-intuitive extravert (LIE, EENTJ)

– Ethico- sensorical introvert (ESI, ISFJ)

– Sensoro- ethical extravert (SEE, ESFP)

– Intuitive- logical introvert (ILI, INTP)

– Intuitive-ethical extravert (IEE, ENFP)

– Sensoro- logical introvert (SLI, ISTP)

– Logico-sensorical extravert (LSE, ESTJ)

– Ethico- intuitive introvert (EII, INFL)

Socionics considers person as information system, the bearer of the certain type of information metabolism. The body of person lives exchanging substance and energy with the outer world. And the psyche part of the person lives sharing information with the outer world. All information, which person receives from the outside (the information about outer wworld) and from the inside (the information about psychophysical state of person), is the common information stream.

Each person can make out some aspects of information stream better then other ones. Psychological function is the ability of person to make out one aspect of information stream. Socionics descries 8 aspects of information stream and 8 psychological functions accordingly. These functions have graphical conventional signs, names and “duties”:


*) In the SOCIONICS psychological (socionical) types have 3-letters conventional signs, and in the western literature — 4-letters ones.

abilities’ intuition the knock of human abilities’ feeling; sensing of development’s perspectives; integral perception of the world, feeling of its unity, interdependency, reiteration on different levels of world’s hierarchy; understanding of the very essence of subjects and processes.

time’s intuition the understanding of contradictions in outer world and in human psyche; the understanding of opposites, which separate people and events; feeling of danger; aptitude for seeing vainness

volitional sensorics aptitude for controlling of outer spaciousness; ability for putting pressure on others and to stand up to anyone’s pressure; understanding of enemy’s force and enforce; power; will to win; authority of power

sensation sensorics capacity for body’s necessities satisfaction, sensation of own body; beauty, design, turning towards the high inner quality; cosiness and ccomfort

dynamic logic reasonable acting logic; technology, process, method, procedure, rule, algorithm, conveyor, cause and effect, enterprise

static logic aptitude for systematizing knowledge and phenomena; deep understanding of logical correlation between objects; facts’ system, hierarchy, classification, statistics, register and verification, machinery

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