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It_s said, that 70% of young people smoke or have tried smoking. Well I think that smoking is a bag thing. It_s dangerous to us and to others. Smoking causes cancer, various diseases of lungs, throat. Doctors inform us about it, but smokers don_t pay attention to it. Youngest usually like to imitate the adults. For this purpose parents must no smoke themselves. Smoking is like illnesses, once try and you can_t stop. Smoking helps people to relax and tthey enjoy it. But to give up is very difficult, and some people can_t do this without others help.

I think, that many smokers are selfish people, because there are many places where is „no smoking“ sign, but a lot of people ignore them. They do harm not only for their health, but for non-smoker_s health too. To my mind smoking is really not the problem of the person itself, but it_s also the problem of mankind. The person not oonly poisons itself, but he pollutes the environment also. So it_s better not to begin smoking at all. The life of all people will be healthier, especially of the young people.

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