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The book is amazing true-life story of Henri Charriere, called „Papillon“ because of the butterfly tattooed on his chest, exiled to Devils Island for a murder he did not commit. He is determined to escape, and the book takes us through many attempts until at last he attains his freedom and begins a new life in Venezuela.

The power of the book lies in the humanity, honesty and sheer spirit of Charriere. Form the kindness of Lepers, the ffriendliness of the so-called fierce Indian tribes, Papillon shows the human warmth these people have given to him. Any troubles and difficulties don’t deter this man of iron will and indomitable spirit. The inhumane suffering of solitary confinement and the injustice of penal settlements are described in depth. In summary this book is a masterpiece of oral literature, it is passionate, courageous, at times comic, full of excitement and adventure.

The main character of the book, of cource, is Papillon hhimself. Man, who was wrongfully convicted in a French court in 1931 and sent to a penal colony in French Guinea to serve his sentence. The book is full of heroes and villains – good people who befriend him and ttreat him decently, and cruel, sadistic people who make his miserable life even more so.

I will never forget Papillon’s amazing struggle for freedom and his life. Reaching the prison camp in South America, he didn’t stop for one moment to try innumerous and different ways to escape and have back the normal life of an honest man.

This real-life adventure tale was a worldwide best seller, translated into many languages. After reading this book you will come away wondering how a man could have lived through so much. Looking for adventure, romance, lust, utter suspense, even amusement? Take “Papillon” and you will find it!

1. Tinselly – išoriškai;

2. Splendid – prabangus;

3. Descendant – palikuonis;

4. Revenge – kerštas;

5. Caress – glamonéjimas;

6. Slight – niekinimas;

7. To chalk out – nnužyméti (planą);

8. Slap – ...

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