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Present and past tenses

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Present and past tenses

Present and past tenses

Present simple (every day, usually)

(+) V, he/she/it Vs (I go; she goes)

(-) don’t doesn’t V (I don’t go; she dosen’t go)

(?) do/does  V. ?

Where do you go?

Does she go to the seaside? Yes ,she does./No she dosen’t.

Present continuous (now , at the moment.)

(+) am/is/are Ving (I’m going ;she’s going)

(-) am not/ isn’t/aren’t Ving (I’m not going; she isn’t going)

(?) am /is/are  Ving .?

Where are you going?

Is she going o the seaside? Yes,she iis./No,she isn’t.)

Present perfect (already , yet, just ,ever)

(+) have / has V3 (I’ve lost my key)

(-) haven’t / hasn’t V3 (She hasn’t done her homework.)

(?) have / has  V3

What have you done?Have you been to the London? (Yes,I have.No,I haven’t.) Present perfect continuous (for.since.)

(+) have/has been Ving (I’ve been waiting.)

(-) haven’t/hasn’t been Ving (she hasn’t been playing.)

(?) have/has been Ving

Where have been playing tennis?

Have you been running? (Yes, I have./No I haven’t.)

Past SSimple (yesterday, last summer .)

(+) V2 /ed (I went to the park;we watched TV)

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