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Politics situation

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Politics situation

Politics situation in Lithuania, war and peace

Lithuania is independent, democratic central Europe country. Our government consists of president, executive branch and legislative power.

The president is the first person in Lithuania; he can declare war, make a peace, block the legislation, disband the Seimas and et cetera. Now the president is Valdas Adamkus. He is elected the second time. He will be a president till 2009. He can be elected ant the third time, this let a Lithuanian constitution, but hhe is already 79 years old. I think the Lithuanian peoples will not elect him in the following election. But his rating is very high. 67 percents of respondents trust of Valdas Adamkus. He is most trusted politician in Lithuania.

The executive branch is one of the governors of Lithuania. It consists of 13 ministers and one Prime minister. The Prime minister of Lithuania is Algirdas Brazauskas. He is the first president of independent Lithuanian. He has been elected in 1993. TThen Algirdas Brazauskas has got a 60 percent of all votes. Now he is the most likable person of Lithuanian old people. But Algirdas Brazauskas is in scandal. It is thought, that he has helped to buy a hotel “Crown PPlaza” to his present wife Kristina.

And the main part of government is the Lithuanian Seimas. It is the legislative power. The Seimas consists of 141 members. The majority of the Seimas consists of 4 party’s coalition, which is named as “Vaivorykste”. In English it is “Rainbow”. The coalition forms the Social Democrats, The Social Liberals, The Peasant Party and Labor Party. The last party has got the most of votes in previous elections. But this party has most scandals too. Some time ago, there has been a scandal. The leader of the Labor party, Viktoras Uspaskich couldn’t show his University diploma. He has left executive branch and the post minister of economy.

The most part of scandals in Lithuania is related wwith the Seimas and local governments. For example almost half a ...

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