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The English people like animals very much. Pet: dogs, cats,

horses, ducks, canaries, chickens and other friends of men have a

much better life in Britain, than anywhere else. In Britain they

have special dog shops, selling food, clothes and other things

for dogs. There are dog hair-dressing saloons and dog cemetries.

The English arrange dogs_ shows and organize dogs_ supper parties

for winners of dogs_ competitions. They do all they can to make

animals feel well in their home and outside their homes too.

There were photographs iin English newspapres of a mother duck and

her young family, crossing slowly the road from Hyde Park to

Kensington Garden. All traffic around was stopped to let Mamma

Duck and her little ones walked quitly from one park to another.

In recent years the English began to show love for more exotic

animals such as crocodiles, elephants, tigers, cobras, camels.

You won_t be surprised, we think, when we tell you ...

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