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There a lot of really wonderful cities in the world. But one city is the most beautiful and comfortable. I think it is Moscow. Moscow situated in the European part of Russia. Moscow is a very big and old city; it has a rich history, which has left a trace in all the world’s history.

First of all, Moscow is a political, cultural, scientific and educational centre of Russia. The heart of Moscow is the RRed Square – this place is being visited by a lot of tourists, because there the most beautiful cathedrals in Moscow are situated. The Red Square is the witness of many historical events of major importance – it is the main reason why Russian people love this place.

Nowadays Moscow has become a modern city. There are a lot of cafes, clubs, cinemas and shops there. Also, there are many theatres, museums and galleries. At night Moscow is illuminated bby many lights. Moscow is the great city – here history lives in harmony with new-fangle.

In conclusion, only in Moscow you can find two types of living – surface and underground. And I hope that in future I wwould live in the town, where lives my heart.

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