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Money does not bring happiness

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Money does not bring happiness

Money does not bring happiness

Everybody wants to be happy. But what is it happiness?

Nobody can answer to this question. Some people think that

happiness doggoes in the career, some people are sure that

happiness is inter money.

These people which think that money brings happiness,

undoubtedly, are very vain. Nonetheless, everybody wants

to have a lot of money. But they don’t think that money

can break frienship, love even family.These people are

grasper. When they have lots of money, they want more and

more. And when tthey have more money, they feel that they

are unhappy. These people lose one’s head for money.

Undoubtedly, there are people, who doesn’t need money

if they want to be happy. These people envisage happiness

in other things. For example in love. These people aren’t

vain. Certainly, everybody honours them. Nevertheless,

they want to have more money. They don’t think that if

they have more money, they will be more happy. they need

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