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Letter: applying for a job letter

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Letter: applying for a job letter

Bangų 9-29

LT-0000, Bangos


December 10, 2006

J. T. Edwards

Savanoriu 11-1



Dear J. T. Edwards,

I am writing to apply for the employee who can deliver orders as advertised in the „Lietuvos rytas“ on 9th December.

I am an eighteen-year-old local student, who could be suitable for the position. I have lots of free time at weekends so it would be great to get a job then.

I consider myself well qualified for the position of deliverer because I have got driving license and my ddriving skills a quite good. At school I was good at chemistry and I know a lot about drugs. Also, my knowledge of English language is good and I can communicate with English people.

As you can see from my curriculum vitae, I have worked as a waiter ...

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