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A discursive composition


Many people think that it will be a good idea if there is only one international language. Others think there should be more than one. So, who is the right?

To begin with if people used only one language, communication would be much easier. Furthermore, translators would be absolutely unnecessary, because if everyone spoke the same language, we would all get along well.

On the other hand, people could stop using their languages aand in that way they would lose apart of their culture. Another thing is that probably many people would not speak the language well and they would not always understand everything. It is worth remmembering that native speakers would have an unfair advantage.

From my point of view, there should be more than one international language, because we don’t want to lose our own languages. In addition to this, Esperanto was not so succesfull.


1) It is often ssaid that.

2) However, in my opinion.

3) Although a number of people think that., it is also the case that.

4) From my point of view, .

5) While it is true that., on the other hand.

6) Finally it is important to remember tthat.

7) On balance then I feel that.

8) Firstly.

9) Secondly.

10) Lastly.


Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing in reply to your advertisement concerning possible taking one of scholarships you are offering.

To begin with, I am a 16-year old Serbian student and I come from Banja Luka in the north of The Republic of Srpska. At present, I am still in the second year of high school. I have been learning English for eight years and can speak it quite well. In addition to this, I hope to pass the Cambridge First Certificate in English in December.

I would definitely improve my spoken English if I had a chance to practise it in England. This is one of the main reasons wwhy I am applying for this scholarship. On the other hand, I have always been interested in visiting new countries, though my parents couldn’t afford me that. So, I think that this is the opportunity I have been looking for whole my life. I would be very grateful if you would consider my application for this scholarship.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Tatjana Vucic


1) I am writing in response to your advertisment.

2) I would be grateful iif you.

3) I am writing to enquire whether you.

4) I have always been interested in.

5) I have a lot of experience of.

6) The main reason why I am applying for this job is.

7) I would be very grateful if you would consider my application for this scholarship.

8) Please don’t hesitate to contact me at the above address if you need any further information.

9) Yours sincerely.

10) Yours faithfully.


Dear Ann,

Sorry I haven’t written to you before, but I’ve been very busy recently studying for my exams.

Firstly, I must say that I’m very glad because you live in Bijeljina now. We are so close to each other, which is really cool. You said in your letter that you were feeling lonely, but you shouldn’t! There are many young people around you, who are certainly in a mood for meeting new people, especially foreigners. So, I suggest that you should enrol in some language schools, where people want to speak about many things in English. You could tell them about life in Britain, about youngsters, culture. everything you like! In that way, you will also learn a lot about our culture, night life, school system etc. That is, at the ssame time, good opportunity for you to make some friends. Perhaps, you could go out with them sometimes.

Finally, it is important to remember that you can always come to my town and stay at my house, at least during the weekends. We can arange some picnics, if you like. Just say! Oh, I remembered something! How about comming to my best friend’s birthday party next Saturday! My friends would be really happy to meet you! Think about it! I hope you will accept my offer. Write soon and let me know if you are planning to come. Actually, don’t think about it! Just say ‘yes’! You won’t feel lonely any more!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,



1) Thanks so much for your letter It was really great to hear from you.

2) Sorry not to have written before.

3) Thought I’d better write to let you know.

4) I think that’s all my news for the moment.

5) Do write soon and let me know.

6) I was wondering if you might like to.

7) Thanks very much for.

8) Last time you wrote you asked.

9) Give my love to.

10) All the best.


Dear Sir/Madam,

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