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J. D. Salinger ‘the catcher in the rye’

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J. D. Salinger ‘the catcher in the rye’

J. D. Salinger ‘the catcher in the rye’

This is story of young man (the man of 16 years old in 1950s N.Y.C.), who was kicked from yet another school for poor achievement. Holden Caulfield goes to N.Y.C. to ‘take a vocation’ before returning to his parents. Book is written like monologue in a slang book describes Holden’s thoughts and activities over these few days.

The book seems have no a plot. And I think it’s because of idea of this book. AAuthor doesn’t seek to show main character (Holden Caulfield) in some kind of action. Everything, that Holden does are simple actions, and reader of this book, if he hopes to find some events (like love episodes, shooting, travelling, etc) may be very disappointed. What did Holden do during these 3 days:

• Holden Caulfield is kicked out from prep school

• He visits his history teacher (Spencer)

• He wants to kill his roommate Stradlater because of Jean Gallagher.

• Holden leaves the dorm late at night (screams: ‘‘sleep tight, ya morons’)

• Talks with mother of Ernest Morrow in the train. Lies a lot.

• Goes to Edmont Hotel (watches through the window old man, dressing women clothes and man and women squirting water out of their mouth to each other).

• Rings uup to even unknown person (Faith Cavendish; he got her telephone number during one party).

• Goes to Lavender room and spends time with 3 lousy blondes.

• Goes to Ernie’s (night club) to listen to Ernie playing on piano.

• On the way to club talks to driver about ducks.

• Talks to Lillian (D.B.’s ex girlfriend) and her navy boyfriend in the night club.

• Walks back to hotel, orders a prostitute and declines to have a sex with her because of the silliest reasons. After all – conflict with Mourice.

• Rings to Sally.

• In the morning he talks to nuns during his breakfast.

• He buys a record to Phoebe.

• Goes to the museum (‘Certain things. They should stay the way they are’)

• Meets Sally and goes to theatre, ice-skating at the Radio-city.

• Goes tto Wicjer bar to listen some french singers (Tina and Janine). Meets old friend (Luce). Actually, drinks a lot.

• Late at night, all drunk, goes to park to see the ducks. Then goes home.

• Visits Antolini and leaves him in the morning because he wakes up when Antolini is patting him.

• Goes to Phoebe school and asks to give her a note about meeting by the museum.

• Meets Phoebe and decides not to go anywhere.

But all these actions, made by Holden, don’t make big ssense to the story. Main thing still is not the behaviour, but thoughts. Book describes ...

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