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Take off – pakilti (lëktuvu)

The flight was delayed.The plane took off two hours later than seneduled.

The plane to Rome was delayed because of fog. What time did it take off?

Come along – vystytis, progresuoti

The work on the house is coming along very well.

Jill says her marketing report is coming along nicely.

Hold on – palaukti

Hold on a minute while I get my breath back.

They managed to hold on until help arrived.

Set ooff – iðkeliauti

It’s a long way to Bristol, so we ought to set off as early as possible.

We did not set off until seven o’clock, so we walked as fast as we could get there on time.

Wake up – pabusti

What time did she wake up?

He woke up and found himself in hospital.

Find out – suþinoti

Can you find out what time the train leaves?

Operate on somebody – operuoti kà nors

The doctors decided to operate on hher immediately.

He is a surgeon, but he operates only on children.

Be on – vykti

The film was already on when we arrived.

Is the match on at 3 o’clock?

Put off – atidëti ( kitam kartui )

We have to pput off this afternoon meeting.

She always puts off going to the dentist.

Put away – padëti á vietà (pinigus á bankà)

Children put your toys away.

He put away a few thousand for his retirement.

Be good at – gerai mokëti, þinoti

Jim is good at math.

Tom is very good at basketball.

By chance – atsitiktinai

By a happy chance a policeman was passing as I was attacked.

Would you by chance have change for 50 pounds.

On purpose – tyèia

She seems to do these things on purpose.

Did he break it accidently? No, on purpose.

Decide on – iðsirinkti, apsistoti prie

With so many choises it’s hard to decide on ones.

After seeing all the candidates we’ve decided on chosen.

Worry about – rûpintis, nerimauti dël

Don’t worry about me.

At high speed – dideliu greièiu

He drove his car at high speed.

They moved at the speed of 50 kilometres an hour.

Complain about – skøstis dël

She is always complaining about her work.

They complainied about the weather on their holidays.

Run out of – baigtis

My passport has run out.

We are running out of petrol.

Their lease on our flat runs out in a few mmonths.

Keen on – siekti, trokðti

She is very keen on good results.

I know his mother is keen on Tom’s marrying Susan.

Instead of – vietoje (kaþko)

In spite of – neþiûrint

They went out in spite of the rain.

Die of – mirti dël

Ones die of an ilness, hunger, grief, the other for ones’ country.

What did he die of? He died of heart attack.

Reply to – atsakyti á

What did he reply to your challenge?

He failed to reply to a question.

Be ashamed of – gëdytis

You should be ashamed of yourself for telling such lies.

He felt ashamed of having done so little work.

Belong to – priklausyti kam nors

These books belong to my father.

Who does it belong to?

Depend on – priklausyti nuo ko nors

I have not got the car, so I have to depend on the buses.

How much is produced depends on how hard we work.

Consist of – susidëti ið

The committee consists of ten members.

This mixture consist of flour and water.

Be late for – vëluoti á

You are late for a work.

Is she always late for meetings?

Leave ffor – iðvykti á

The train leaves Kaunas for Vilnius.

When did you decide to leave for Miami?

Famous for – áþymus kaþkuo

New York is famous for its skyscrapers.

What is your town famous for?

For sale – pardavimui

I’m sorry this painting is not for sale.

She has put her house up for sale.

Introduce somebody to somebody – pristatyti (supaþindinant)

Allow me to introduce my wife to you.

I was introduced to Jenny at the party.

On sale – pardavime

The new model is not on sale in the shops.

She gets ten pounds on each sale.

On the contrary – atvirkðèiai

It doesn’t seem ugly to me , on the contrary, I think it is rather beautiful.

We went to work on the contrary to the doctors orders.

From time to time – kartas nuo karto

He visits his parents time from time.

Substitute for – pakeisti (vietoje ko nors)

We must substitute a new chair for the broken one.

Can you substitute for me at the meeting.

Argue about – ginèytis dël

We argued with the waiter about the price of the meal.

Don’t argue with your mother about it.

Excited about – susijaudinæs dël

It’s nothing toget excited about.

She felt excited about her journey to Spain.

Live on – pragyventi ið

She lived on for many years after her husband died.

You can’t live on 200 dollars a week.

Satisfied with – patenkintas

He wasn’t satisfied with the results on passing exams.

Work for – dirbti kam nors

She works for an engineering company.

Work on – dirbti kà nors

He is working on a new novel now.

His charm doesn’t work on me.


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