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Holidays types

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Holidays types

In our days, people can travel in many ways. The mere oldest way to travel is on foot. Of course, you can’t travel far this way. You can travel further by a bike, but you can’t travel too far with it, too. People often choose to travel by car, but it’s not always comfortable. Travelling with a travel agency by bus, train, ship or plane is the most comfortable way. In this century, one can travel virtually, in the internet. YYou can see the country, its culture, nature and people on the internet. You can communicate with people, and virtual journeys are for free. You can see things that you wouldn’t see in the real journey. It’s a pity that internet can’t render the experience of a real journey. Off course, there are and more ways to travel. Maybe, now I’ll try to name types of travelling. There are:

1. Crossing: it is a journey by boat to the other side of tthe sea.

2. Cruise: a holiday spent on a large ship which visits a number of places.

3. Expedition: an organized journey that is made for a particular purpose such as exploration.

4. Flight: a journey made by flying, especially in an airplane. <

5. Hitch-hiking: a travel by walking, with occasional rides in passing cars.

6. Journey: a trip or expedition to a considerable distance, a journey of three days or a three days’ journey, to reach one’s journey’s end.

7. Package Tour: a holiday arranged by a travel company in which your travel and accommodations are booked for you.

8. Tour: a journey in which a short stay is made at a number of places, the traveler usually returning finally to the place from which he had started.

9. Trip: a journey that you make from one place and back again.

10. Voyage: a voyage by sea or along a river, to go on a voyage.

11. Hike: trip by foot.

As you know people search for the best type oof holiday, which appropriate their age, income, social status, health and habits. And we all know that young people often choose the cheaper forms of holidays. I had mentioned types of travelling so I’d like to name some types of holidays.  I’m a human who like to risk so I’ll begin from white-water rafting (to move with raft in the river. White-water- it’s a part of river that looks white because the water is moving very fast over rock). NNow I’ll tell further-Safari/wild life; scuba-diving; snorkelling (the sport of activity of swimming under water with a snorkel climbing); wind- surfing (the sort of sailing on water standing on a wind surfer); mountain- biking; canoeing (it’s moving with a light narrow boat along in the water with a paddle); deep- sea fishing; whale- watching; water- skiing; yachting; biking and etc.

Now maybe I’ll try to write some about South Africa, because there you can feel pleasure of all extreme holidays’ types. You see South Africa is a very large and extraordinarily varied land, offering almost unlimited opportunities for adventure travel of all sorts–from diving and whitewater rafting to mountain-climbing and trekking. For most visitors, however, adventure travel in South Africa means safari travel, and the best-known safari area in the country is Eastern Transvaal, a continuous stretch of savanna extending for 400 miles along South Africa’s northeastern border. The Eastern Transvaal is home to Kruger National Park, undoubtedly one of the finest game reserves in all of Africa. In addition to the Kruger–and its surrounding private game reserves–visitors interested in safari travel in South Africa are also frequently drawn to Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. A narrow tongue of land extending nnorthward into the vast expanse of the Kalahari Desert, Kalahari Gemsbok is an area of rugged beauty, with shifting dunes, wide-open vistas, and great herds of springbok and gemsbok.

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