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Governments in the UK, the USA and Lithuania

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Governments in the UK, the USA and Lithuania

The United Kingdom is a unitary state governed by a democratic

constitutional monarchy, while the United States is a federal republic and

a multi-party, parliamentary democracy republic is Lithuania. More or less,

each of the states have two types of governments: London, the capital, is

the centre of government for the whole Britain, but local authorities are

partly responsible for education, health care, etc., whereas each of the 50

states of the USA also has its own government and is joined to the others

by federal government, aas well as there are State and Local governments in


There are two chambers (‘houses’) of the Parliament in Britain: the House

of Commons and the House of Lords, while government of the US is entrusted

to three separate authorities: the Executive, the Legislative and the

Judicial and the government of Lithuania, the highest executive body is

made up of the Prime Minister and 14 ministers and Seimas.

Both Houses in Britain have a similar system of debate. This may be about a

new law or tax ,, or about other state problems. The executive branch in the

USA and Lithuanian executive body of the government have very much in

common. Both states have a President who has a powerful role, for example,

both the President of the USA and tthe President of Lithuania is Commander-

in-Chief of the military forces. The Queen in Britain otherwise has an

essentially ceremonial role, restricted in exercise of power by convention

and public opinion. What is more, both the USA and Lithuania has several

departments of different activity.

Nevertheless, all the three states have a little in common legislative

branch: and the House of Commons in Britain, and the Legislative branch in

the USA, and Seimas in Lithuania. There are currently 659 MPs representing

constituencies in the parliament of Britain, 141 members in the Seimas of

Lithuania, whereas the USA slightly differs from them. The legislative

branch of the USA government is the Congress made up of Senate and the

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