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George Gordon Byron

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George Gordon Byron

George Gordon Byron was born in London. When his

father left the family he stayed with mother. Soon they moved to Aberdeen. He

was lame from birth, but he was eager for adventure. He spent a lot of time in

on the mountains. / At the age of ten G.G.B. inherited the the title of Lord.

After that he was sent to the fashionable Harrow school. There he was a leader,

good athlete and avid reader. / When he was studying at Cambridge University he

published hhis first collection of poems Hours of Idleness. There he received

an MA degree. Byron became the most

talked-about poet of his day when he published a collection of Hebrew

Melodies. / At the age of 26 a well educated girl. But this mariage was not

succesfull. / In 1817 Byron settled in Italy. There he joined the Carbonari

liberation movement agains Austria. In this period he composed satire Don

Juan, mystery Cain. After that he offered his wealth and ...

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