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Describing people (A Close Friend)

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Describing people (A Close Friend)

Describing people

A descriptive essay about a person should consist of:

a) an Introduction in which you give general information about the person, saying when, where and how you first met them;

b) a Main Body in which you describe their physical appearance, personal qualities and hobbies/interest. You start a new paragraph for each topic;

c) a Conclusion in which you write your comments and/or feelings about the person.

** When describing someone you know well or see often(i.e a friend, a neighbour, etc), you sshould use present tenses. When describing someone who is no longer alive, or someone you knew a long time ago and you do not see any more, you should use past tenses.

** Descriptions of people can be found in articles, letters, narratives, etc. The writing style you use depends on the situation and the intended reader. For example, if you are writing an article for a magazine, you should use semi-formal style and a polite, respectful tone.


Paragraph 1

name of the pperson when, where and how you first met him/her


Paragraph 2

physical appearance(facial features & clothes)

Paragraph 3

personal qualities and justification(s)/examples

Paragraph 4



Paragraph 5

Comments & feelings about the person

A Close Friend by Jim White

Jacques has been my close friend for two years. I ffirst met him on a school exchange trip to Calais, France. I asked him the way to the library and we started talking. We’ve been friends ever since.

Jacques is quite good-looking. He’s tall and slim, with olive skin and curly dark hair. Like many French people, he has a great sense of style, so he always looks well-dressed even in casual clothes.

Jacques is very outgoing. He is always friendly and loves to have fun. He’s got a fantastic sense of humour and he always makes me laugh. However, he can ...

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