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Dandelion plant

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What is a dandelion ?
• Dandelion (lat. Taráxacum) is a genus of perennial herbaceous plants of the Aster family, or Compositae. The type species of the genus - Dandelion officinalis- is a well-known plant with a rosette of basal leaves and a scattering of bright yellow inflorescences-baskets of reed flowers. In inclement weather and at night, the basket closes. At the top of the elongated nose of the seeds there are many hairs, with their help the dandelion fruit can fly into the air currents with a large distribution.
Species of the genus Dandelion
• There are over two thousand apomictic microspecies of dandelions, and about seventy so-called "large", or prefabricated ones. Some botanists take a narrower view and accept only about 60 species. One of the species of dandelion, White-tongued dandelion (Taraxacum leucoglossum), is listed in the Red Book.
Some species:
• Taraxacum acricorne Dahlst. - Dandelion is equal-bladed.
• Taraxacum alatum H. Lindb. - winged dandelion.
• Taraxacum albescens Dahlst. - whitish dandelion.
• Taraxacum angustisectum H. Lindb. - Dandelion narrowly dissected.
• Taraxacum angustisquameum Dahlst. ex H. Lindb. - Dandelion narrow-scaled.
• Taraxacum assurgens Markl. - rising dandelion.
• Taraxacum aurosulum H. Lindb. - dandelion eared.
• Taraxacum bessarabicum (Hornem.) Hand.-Mazz. - Bessarabian dandelion.
Where do dandelions grow ?
• In the European part, the common dandelion mainly grows, which, unlike the others, is widespread. Places where dandelions grow can be found almost all ...

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