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These days the life is really difficult in our country. People have a lot of problems, they have lost hope to live better. It_s the worst thing that could happen. Thousands of people can_t afford to buy even food. Today in Lithuania there are a lot of homeless families, sick and disable people, thousands of lonely, helpless old people, who can_t support themselves only living on their pensions, they can_t afford to pay taxes for a flat, electricity and central hheating. They suffer from cheap food and diseases. We can see homeless on every corner. There are people dying of starvation. Nobody cares that there are hundreds of children who waste their time after school in streets.

There are people who beg for help. Nobody care about them, others think that it_s nothing to do with them. Main help is from charity organizations. But there are some people who want to help. They collect money, but they can_t solve this tterrible problem.

I think that charity must be given just for people who need it. Because nowadays are some cheaters who imitate homeless and I the charity. To my mind our government could allot more money for the charity.

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