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British art

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British art

British art is the art of the island of Great Britain. The term normally includes British artists as well as expatriates settled in Britain. Art of the United Kingdom is relatively detailed, as most styles, tones, and subject matters have been used by British artists.

British art in the later Middle Ages was part of the International style and art in that period was not distinctive to much of other northern European art. An outstanding example of this period is The WWilton Diptych, although this is now considered to be the work of the French School.

The English Renaissance, starting in the early 16th century, was a parallel to the Italian Renaissance, but did not develop in exactly the same way. It was mainly concerned with music and literature; in art and architecture the change was not as clearly defined as in the continent. Painters from the continent continued to find work in Britain, and brought the new styles with them, especially tthe Flemish and Italian Renaissance styles.

Beginning in the 18th century, the English school of painting is believed by some to be the first distinctly British style of painting. It is notable for its portraits and landscapes. Among the artists of tthis period are: Sir Joshua Reynolds (1723–1792)

”Master Hare” ”John Charles” ”Self-portrait”

George Stubbs (1724–1806)

”John and Sophia Musters” ”Pumpkin with a Stable Lad”

Thomas Gainsborough (1727–1788)

”Mr. and Mrs. Andrews” ”The Blue Boy”

Being a coastal and sea-faring island nation, English art has often portrayed the coast and the sea. Being a nation of four distinct seasons, and changeable weather, weather effects have often been portrayed in English art. Weather & light effects on the English landscape have been a pre-eminent aspect of modern British landscape photography.

Art museums in England:

• British Museum

• Victoria and Albert Museum

• National Portrait Gallery

• National Gallery

• Tate Britain.

The National Gallery is an art gallery in ...

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