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Biznio planas

“Blue Bubble”

Self-service laundry

Business Plan

May 5, 2003

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary………………….

2. Personal details…………………..

3. Management……………………

4. Finances…………………….

5. Industry and Market Analysis………………

6. Marketing Plan…………………..

7. General Company Description……………..

8. Production and Operations Management………….

9. Products and services………………..

10. Bibliography…………………….

11. Annotated Bibliography……………….

Executive Summary

“Blue Bubble” will be a small self-service laundry. Our goal will be to create a cozy atmosphere among the staff and customers. We will provide cookies and hot drinks to make the place more pleasant.

“Blue Bubble” will be a partnership owned by five equal owners who will share all the responsibilities, profits and losses.

We decided tto open a self-service laundry because washing is a daily routine that not many people enjoy.

There are eight cleaning and washing companies in Lithuania. However, there are only two self-service laundries; therefore, we have only two competitors.

We will not only be a self-service laundry. A customer who will not have enough time to wait until his laundry is done will be able to leave his clothes and take them after a couple of hours. We will also provide ironing services.

Our sservices will be orientated to those who do not have a washing machine. Our target market will be students.

Personal qualifications

I have already worked as an employee in a company called “Remulda”; I was responsible for marketing and customer service at aa junior management level. Besides, I have done practice in “Siauliu Vista”, that is why I have enough experience in management.

Details of business

Partnerships: Advantages & disadvantages


There are 2 main advantages to forming a partnership. First, a partnership allows two or more people to work together and bring different skills and resources to the business. Second, a partnership is fairly easy to establish. The actual registration of a partnership is not expensive or complicated. However, it is a good idea to decide how the partnership will be run and put it into a partnership agreement.


There are 5 main disadvantages to forming a partnership. First, because the partnership is not considered to be separate from its owners, the partners aare personally responsible for liabilities of the partnership. If the business fails, the partners will be personally responsible to pay all of the debts and obligations of the partnership. Second, because each partner is an agent for the business and for the other partners, each partner is personally responsible for the actions of the other partners. If one of the partners makes a bad business decision, or acts negligently which results in the partnership owing a debt, all of the oother partners are personally responsible to pay it back.

Third, because a partnership is based on the individual partners, and it is not a separate legal entity, if one of the partners dies, the partnership ends. This means that the remaining partners have to re-establish the partnership.

Fourth, because a partnership is not a separate legal entity, it is difficult to buy or sell a partnership interest. Buying or selling a partnership interest will involve rewriting the partnership agreement and determining exactly how the partnership will change.

Fifth, although the resolution of disagreements amongst partners is generally covered under a partnership agreement or case law, it usually is very difficult. There is no Act that exists which sets out rules for settling partnership disputes. If the disagreements are not resolved by the partners themselves, they will usually have to turn to outside help which can be time consuming and costly.


Our company is organized in a way in which the groupings of jobs are under the authority of one main manager (president) who plans, coordinates, and controls the business. He is the representative for our company. The organization is by function. That means it is based on marketing, finance, production sales, and operation functions. TThere are four other managers who are responsible for different tasks. They are:

Main manager (President)

Marketing Finance Production Operation Manager Manager Manager Manager

Our company has a flat structure with wide span of control, with few managerial levels and a short chain of command.

Organization types:

· We haven’t got staff authority. In this case we will have line authority. All the managers have right to make decisions or solutions.

· We have informal organization in which the use of informal channels of communication is widely adapted.

· It is a decentralized company because decision-making authority and freedom will be given to the lower level managers.

The shares of the company are divided equally for each of the managers (owner). The company will have no board of directors. The company has only one president in the organizational structure.

Management of our company:

There will be four key managers that will be responsible for finance, operation, production, and marketing.

The sales and marketing manager’s responsibilities involve supervision, marketing, profitability and sales, reporting and purchasing.

Finance manager responsibilities:

· Provide analytical support on projects

· Assist with the preparation, coordination and analysis of management reports

· Communicate financial requirements and risks associated with projects

· Ensure the timeliness, completeness, accuracy and rreliability of financial information

· Understand the risk and exposure of incorrect data.

Operations Manager general responsibilities:

· Responsible for the overall management, implementation and operations of a gas turbine airfoil coating process

· Responsible to meet the Customer_s contractual requirements. All work will be conducted under a strict quality process system.

Production Manager general responsibilities:

Responsible for the overall production planning and implementation of gas turbine airfoil coatings. Responsible to meet the Customer_s contractual requirements. All work will be conducted under a strict quality process system.

Uniqueness is in that fact that we will be business majors. We are young, active, responsible, devoted to work, creative, and communicative.

Human-Resource Management

1. We will have job description – lists of the tasks and responsibilities for the employees. This will help new employees tot get to know the job better. The employees also will have to have some specific qualifications in different fields of job.

The workweek will be altered in which we will have to work from the standard eight-hour-a-day, five-days-a-week.

2. Recruitment and selection will be not very broad. The employees will be our friends or other acquainted people. The selection process will have an application form and selection interview. But it will not be very complicated.

3. Training and development is bases on-the-job

training. We will have on-the-job training to the staff to get to know the place, in which he works, to get acquainted to the specifications of it and to be directly related to the job. The workers must have qualities such as: 1. Hard working; 2. Thorough; 3. Flexible & affable; 4. Communicable.

4. The employee compensations will be wages because the work is based on the specific number of hours worked.

5. Fringe benefits & employee services will not be included because oour company is not so large to pay such money to the employees. The good working conditions are guarantied to every worker of the company.

6. We will give leave-taking separations to the employees. There will be included:

· Resignation

· Layoff

· Termination

· Retirement

No promotions are included because the job is divided to several workers who do their specific job. And no changes will be made in it. The transfers will be made in which the workers change their specific job between each other.



We will iinvest 40000 Lt into our business. Our company will not take any loans. We will only invest savings of all the owners.



•Two salespeople 450 Lt x 2 = 900

•Accountant (once a month) 50Lt

Total salaries: 950Lt


We will rent facilities in Sauletekis. LLeasing will cost us 1100Lt per month.



• Washing machines will use 228 kWh of electricity first month. This will cost 228kWh x 0.29 Lt = 66 Lt

• Lamps, computer and iron will use 137kWh of electricity first month. The cost will be 137kWh x 0.29 =40 Lt

Total electricity cost (first month): 106 Lt

Every month electricity cost will increase depending on our sales.


• Washing machines will use 12.9m3 of water first month. That will cost 12.9m3x4.43Lt=57Lt

• Water for other usage (toilet, hand washing, etc.) will cost approximately 4m3x4.43=18Lt

Total water cost: 75Lt (will increase depending on sales)


There are approximately six heating month in Lithuania. Usually these months are October, November, December, January, February and March. Heating ccosts vary every month depending on the temperature outside. The average cost of heating per month will be 65Lt.

Total heating cost per year: 389Lt


• Cost of a telephone: 50 Lt

Total cost of utilities approximately per month: 296Lt


• Cash-register tape: 2 Lt

• Other items: 3 Lt

Total cost of office supplies: 5Lt per month


ü We will spend 1000Lt on advertising in newspapers and flyers the first month. An advertisement campaign in “Panele” and on the universities campus and dorms will be started iimmediately.


Our company will pay these taxes:

• Profit tax – 24% of net profit before taxes

• Social Security tax (VAAT) – 30% of total salaries of employees

• Road tax – 24Lt per three months.


Washing machines 7,800 Lt

Cash-register 2000Lt

Office computer 2,000 Lt

Telephone apparatus 150 Lt

Office table 340 Lt

Office chair 30 Lt

Couch 1,750 Lt

Coffee table 200 Lt

Iron + ironing board 180 Lt

House-hold goods 500Lt

Aquarium 400 Lt

Total cost of all equipment 15350lt



ü “Blue Bubble” will start on 1st September 2003 with 2 full-time employees, equipment worth 15350 and wwwwLt of cash.

ü An advertisement campaign in “Panele” and on the universities campus and dorms will be started immediately.

The First Year of Activity

ü The number of orders will increase; however, at the end of the ...

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